Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Clothes

As a Texas Girl, my idea of a winter coat is apparently laughable. Literally, Mandy and Johnny laughed when they saw my 'coat'. In preparation for moving to Japan, we asked for money from everyone for Christmas and planned on buying coats and stuff while we're here in Indiana.

Yesterday we went to the mall and I had my first true case of sticker shock. Over $200 for a freaking coat? And it's not leather? I ended up getting a Columbia parka at JC Penney for a price that didn't scare me, but John's still looking for one. Then we went to Macy's to look for more coats and boots. John was skeptical that I'd find anything in the shoe department, but I ended up getting 2 pairs of boots for under $100!! I got a black pair and a camel-ish pair, I'm so excited about them! I still need some hiking boots *shudder*. Hiking boots represent everything I hate. They're not pretty and you use them outside, in the cold, in difficult walking conditions. I don't like the cold. I don't like being outside. I don't like traipsing around the great outdoors. I love John. Yeah, that's why I'm buying hiking boots, because I love my husband.

So now I'm almost set for the move. Except for coming to terms with leaving my mommy after living with her for 7 months and not being able to text or call my sisters whenever I want and not having Target or Chick-fil-a again. Oh well, as long as John and Annelise are there I'll find a way to survive.

Oh yeah, and my baby is so freaking adorable. It amazes me how much she's grown just since we left Texas!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on getting a coat and some boots! I can only guess at how much it hurts to buy single items that cost so much. I request a picture of these winter clothes.

Anonymous said...

You'll be glad you have a good coat so you don't freeze your tushie off!! Don't forget gloves!! mandy