Monday, February 23, 2009

We got 9 boxes in the mail today!!! All of the stuff we mailed from Texas arrived, as well as a gift for Annelise from her Uncle George. It has been so much fun opening all of the boxes, I can't wait to get the new bedding on our bed. Annelise has already spent some time in her bouncy seat, she interacts with it so much more than the last time she was in it. I'm also in the process of washing all of her 3-6 months clothes, they arrived just in time. My kid is right on target, the 0-3 months stuff is starting to get tight just as she's about to turn 3 months old.

We finally got the internet hooked up here in the house, so now I can actually post whenever instead of having to go to the cafe, and we even got our Vonage phone hooked up now that the adapter arrived in the mail. We're really starting to settle in here, the kitchen basics are unpacked and I actually cooked dinner tonight. Getting all of the kitchen stuff sorted and put away is going to take some time. Had I known that we had long-term storage available earlier, I would have done like my friend Vanessa and left a lot of the kitchen stuff behind. I definitely would have left the crystal, I very rarely use it at this stage in our lives.

All of my books are unpacked and I've been sneaking time to read here and there. I definitely missed my books while I was in Texas and am sad that I will have to put my book collecting on hold while I'm here. I'm still going to buy new books as they come out, but I probably won't be able to pick up any of the older books that I need to fill out my collection.

Oops, baby's awake!

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