Sunday, January 25, 2009

Annelise is 2 months old!

Well, Annelise Marie, you are two months old today. This has been a crazy month for our family. Right after you turned one month old, we flew to Indiana to see your Minear and Walsko relatives. They all adore you, of course, and you got lots of beautiful clothes from them. So many clothes, in fact, that we needed to bring home an extra suitcase!

After we got back to Texas, we drove to Ft Worth to pick up your passport. That was an ordeal, but the end result was that you were then officially able to move to Japan! We spent the next couple of weeks shopping and packing and getting ready for the move.

This month you met more of your extended family, as well as some of Mommy's friends. You are so loved, even when you are fussy. Babi and Grandaddy threw us a going-away party where you met lots of new people and you also made your first friend that's your own age. Brenden is the son of two of Mommy's high school friends and is a couple of months older than you. The two of you just stared at each other and then he tried to hold your hand. I told him that wasn't allowed for a few more decades.

We also took family pictures this month, they were a Christmas gift from Babi and Grandaddy. I haven't seen all of them yet, but I know you're adorable. We're in Japan now, we've been here for a few days. We're looking for a house and a car, but for now we're living in the motel on base. Our new friend, LYNX, is really awesome and she took us to a Japanese restaurant and to a Japanese celebration of Shougatsu. We watched them make Mochi and Sushi as well as played with some Japanese toys.

Annelise, you love bath time. Your Rainforest bathtub is your favorite place to be, and you love the time you get to spend with Daddy during your baths. You also love to eat, your eyes light up and your mouth opens wide when you know I'm about to feed you. I can't wait to take you to the doctor and find out how much you weigh! Your love of food is obvious, not only in our chubby cheeks, but in the sounds you make. You, my little sweetheart, are one gassy baby. Today when we went to Daddy's new office to meet everyone there, you tooted a big one. I made sure everyone knew it wasn't me, my biggest fear right now is that you'll pass gas and people will think I have no manners.

You're also a very vocal little girl now. It's like someone flipped a switch last Tuesday and now you smile and talk all the time. We can't help but laugh sometimes, you're just so adorable. I can't wait to see what you learn to do in your third month!


Anonymous said...

i miss her!!!!!! when are you going to put me on tv!!!!!!! i want to see her talking!!!! i love you all and miss y'all tons!!!!!

~auntie lusa

Jessica Kok said...

2 months? wow. how was the trip?